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i2c connected 1-wire masters

OWFS the 1-Wire filesystem allows the use of i2c connected bus masters.

RaspberryPi conveniently provide i2c connectivity. However non of the images supplied provide i2c drivers. Fortunately at this point the community with its diverse range of members step in, within a few days an i2c driver is available. A few more days pass, more development takes place and the driver is now a loadable kernel module.

You can view the details of the driver development on this forum thread.

Along with OWFS working on RaspberryPi all the pieces are in place to begin testing of i2c 1-wire bus masters.

Pictured above is a breakout board containing 2 such bus masters, a DS2482-100 (8 pin chip) and DS2482-800 (16 pin chip)

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