Slice of Radio – Welcome


So Ciseco were nice enough to send me a Slice of Radio to try out on one of my Raspberry Pi’s. Show as shown above sat nicely on one of the original model B boards.

So what is a ‘slice of radio’, well quite simply it’s an SRF RF module on a carrier PCB that makes use of the serial port on the RaspberryPi GPIO connector.

Rather than try and figure out setting the Slice of Radio up for myself, I decided to follow the instructions provided by Ciseco, here, everything went without a hitch, it really did just work as described, full credit to the Ciseco team on this one.

Within ~10 minutes, I was talking to the SRF board, using minicom, and the extensive AT command set that Ciseco have provided to talk to the SRF, and associated RF boards in their range.

We’ll be following this up, with some practical examples of using the Slice of Radio, including how to build a SRF to Wifi bridge for optimal placement of the SRF master node.


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